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Oddly enough--357 cartridges drop freely in and out of the chamber. My guess is that the tapered case, when trimmed back, allows for that. I spend a lot of time shooting big banging cartridges but this thing really takes me by surprise--though there truly is negligible felt recoil, at least on my rifle. I definitely will move to the 180 PowerPoints and 170 interlock next which are both 355. I'm not very interested in trying out pistol bullets that require very short COL's, most of them aren't designed for rifle velocities anyway. The winchester 150 gr extreme points look very interesting--probably no coincidence you can't find them anywhere except in winchester's loaded factory ammo. There are only a couple of choices really when it comes to 355 spire point bullets that work well with chamber--other than sizing down the hot core as far as I can tell. If nobody else steps up to the plate with bullets, I have a feeling this cartridge disappears from the market quickly. Another thing about sizing down the hotcore--that keeps you within the letter of the law in the 357 min requirement in the states that have them--I think the 355 actual bullets is a bit of "smudging" which invites the ire of Mr Overzealous warden, and almost every state has at least one.
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