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I've had a pistol in my pocket, without holster every day for 46 years. No one has EVER noticed.
Never noticed or never commented? I think that is an important distinction to make. In my experience, many Americans only see what they expect to see. You could tape a Glock to your forehead and they wouldn’t notice because they don’t expect to see it.

The one time I know I was made was when a furniture salesman who was a fellow gun guy saw the magazine baseplate hanging on my front jeans pocket and asked me about it. He was also a CHL. Even though he couldn’t spot the gun, he knew what the spare mag meant.

A lot of times in civilian carry, you can be noticed but still pass because nobody makes a big deal of it. If nobody makes a big deal of it, you start thinking you weren’t noticed. Probably like the guy who had his shirt snag on his SOB holstered 1911 at the Dallas Arboretum and didn’t know he was “noticed” until I said “Hey buddy, you’re showing” even though we were both in the midst of hundreds of people and the gun wasn’t concealed at all.

If you are in an NPE, you can’t afford to be noticed. If I am carrying around the neighborhood and someone notices a bulge in my shirt, who cares? What I am doing is legal and I’ll probably never see that schmuck again. If I am carrying where I work, even if it is legal, being noticed can have some nasty personal consequences.
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