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Here are my thoughts from carrying in non-permissive environments. If I can wear a sweater, untucked polo, or suit coat, I can carry a full size pistol. If the concealment rig only works with .32, .380, or J-frames, I can just pocket carry and lose my strongside pocket.

My only interest is deep concealment is to carry something like a P365, Kimber Micro, or Glock 26. A compact pistol that actually works as a real gun across the distances I want to be competent at. J-frames are out the window because I am not competent with them and don’t want to invest the time.

So far, the only things that work at all are the SmartCarry or a pocket holster and certain types of slacks/khakis. Unfortunately, the slacks that work with a Glock 26 size pocket holster aren’t suitable professional attire. So despite a lot of issues I have with SmartCarry, it is still the one-eyed giant on the island of the blind.
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