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I still have a couple of "undershirt" holsters, a Kramer Confidant, and a 5.11.

The Kreamer is the better of the two, as it allows you to wear a regular tee under it and it looks more natural. Its also a lot more comfortable.

The 5.11 is polyester and the white shirt is "bright", you look like you just got out of boot camp if you wear an open collar shirt. The polyester also makes you sweat, and is annoying.

The 5.11 "holsters", basically just spandex pockets, sucks too. The gun moves around in the pocket and is very annoying, and not really in a good position.

The Confidant has more holster like pouches that hold the gun in place, and actually has a velcro strap that you can use. There is very little movement with them.
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