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While it worked for me, it was a pain to balance how the holster "hung", being able to draw (especially twisting to unsnap), the holster "swinging" around and where to attach the down strap. Cut a lot of the strap away for fit. Looked real careful and could not see any straps through the shirts being worn. The strap behind the neck could ride up on loose collared shirt, but had the neck of undershirt wrapped around it. If you wore a tighter shirt, the gun could certainly print. Like the holsters am using now, have adapted my clothes.

This allowed carrying a 38 special under a tucked in overshirt for 2 years, which felt was better option for me than the 380's owned at the time. Was it perfect? Definitely not and like all carry systems used/am using there are trade offs. Am no longer concerned with "deep" no one can see concealment, and haven't used the holster in years.

Have several other normal shoulder holsters in the "box", that would did not conceal very well, and none of them under a regular shirt.
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