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Originally Posted by zeke View Post
Unless you're the type that wears tight/translucent shirts, you don't see those straps.
Shoulder holsters are generally the easiest holsters to spot. What the cover garment is really doesnt matter. Coat, shirt, whatever, they all allow the straps to print at some point.

The staps show through even heavier materials, especially when the material is drawn tight across them, and a lot of them show at the collar, and when people wear things "open", that should be "closed". Seen more than one "swing out" on someone.

I had one of Nulls SMZ holsters for my S&W's. It would work with some autos as well, but you had to be careful what you put in it, due to how the holster works.

It, and the Galco "Executive" were the only two shoulder holsters I ever really liked. Everything else was just too bulky and limiting. Of the two, I prefer the Galco.

I still have one Executive for my Glock 26, and sold the Null off not long after I got the first Galco.
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