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I won't comment on the ethics of the posed scenario, but to the mechanics of it, the 3 Speed Holster works well for deep concealment, although it's a bit bulky and has a lot of material. It's custom fitted to your particular model.

For DEEP concealment, you wear it low so that the entire holster disappears down the front of your pants. Tuck the shirt in behind the holster, and to draw, you pull the belt out with one hand and shove the other hand literally down into your pants to draw the gun.

From my experience, you either need a very small gun (like LCP size) that can fit entirely and easily below your belt, and is very thin so it doesn't look weird, or you need a small revolver riding slightly higher with the grip tucked under your shirt but above the belt.

For an in-between gun, like Shield or PPS, for me they were too large to be truly deep concealment, but too hard to draw when they rode a bit higher. The belt interferes with getting your hand on the weapon. The revolver gets around this by having a curved, hook-shaped grip that can be grabbed even when the rest of the gun is buried. This is where a fitted holster like 3 Speed is handy -- I think with something like a smart carry, the cylinder will snag under your belt.
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