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Originally Posted by jersey joe View Post
Has anyone ever chronographed a factory Remington .270 130 grain PSP Core-Lockt? I realize I could buy a chrono but for what I wish to spend I imagine the results would be all over the place. I am pretty sure that this group has better experience than moi.

Here's the deal. My Savage 270 does very well, accuracy wise, with good ol' Rem Core-Lokt PSP 130's but I find the ballistics not as accurate. The muzzle velocity suggests a MV of 3060 with a 24" barrel but my, every man results with a 22" barrel, do not match the stats. With a 200 yard zero I am plus two inches at 100 yards (greater than the suggested 1.5 inches). If I zero at 100 yards I am minus four plus inches at 200 yards compared to the published three. I fully understand that my ability is a factor but I wonder if the velocity is less than published. I have found that two inches off the barrel might yield 75 less FPS but not enough to match my experience. I have needed to back to off to an approximate 2900 FPS for my 130 grain PSPs to match my experience. I am not looking to find fault with published stats but only looking to validate a suspicion.
Any thoughts?
I would generally expect a 22" 270 to be 150 fps slower than a 24". Velocity greatly depends on barrel quality. Keep in mind that bullet is about as aerodynamic as a school bus.
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