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Hello Mr. Hubel, thank you for sharing all of your amazing and ridiculous work. There is a wealth of knowledge here that you and many others here have graciously shared with the firearms community and although this is my first post, I thank everyone for the wisdom I've picked up with all these years of reading.

Ed, I have acquired my Ultra Slug gun and will start building the NEF 12ga with 3.5" chamber which you have recommend to many of us before, as it seems to be the simplest way to get into the gnarly loads you are producing. However, what limits the NEF to only a 3.5" chamber instead of the full 12ga FH chamber of 3.85"? Would the 3.85" chamber be useless in the short 24" barrel?

Also, since we have an affordable and simple way into a big 12ga, do you have any ideas on a relatively affordable way to get into 4 bore? Are there strong, affordable actions available so that one can be purchased and a custom barrel fitted to it? The 12ga FH is very impressive, but if I'm going to do something ridiculous, might as well be -really- ridiculous! The shock and awe factor is off the scale!!
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