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Uh... no genius. They came out with the SF models because they wanted to grab the other share of the market, the complainers and sissy-boys who were going to other pistols because Glocks' grips were supposedly too big. It's a business choice they made, just to keep the customers happy. People can still shoot full sized Glock 20's; again, I've seen small women do it, so it's possible. But you always get the whiners complaining about "Being totally comfortable" when shooting. Please, this is a combat pistol, not a freakin' luxury sedan automobile that you have to drive in for hours at a time. It's a gun to save your life, and the hole is there in case the magazine gets jammed inside, you can easily grasp it now. The hole does make the grip slighly wider from front to back, but for a good reason, I'd say... a good TACTICAL reason.

Seems hundreds of thousands of police officers have no problems with regular Glocks, huh? Why didn't they all drop them because the grips were supposedly like 4x4's in their hands? I know why, because those that say such ignorant statements are whiny nitpickers that think guns are for comfortable fun at the range, not used for survival on the streets or in war.
A government that refuses to trust its citizenry with guns is, therefore, a government that cannot be trusted with guns, in turn!
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