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Yeah Northalius, that's why CCFRaceframes is making the aluminum glock frame with different dimentions and a 1911 backstrap as an option. In fact here is their answer to an apparently often asked question:

Will your frames fit a small handed shooter? I have a G22 and find the grip to large for me to comfortably reach the trigger.

The CCF RaceFrame will fit smaller hands better, even with the standard rear (original GlockĀ® configuration) grip strap as the thumbrest shelves both go forward and their channels turn the front corner of the grip, shortening effective trigger reach circumference. Additionally, the upsweep or rake to the beavertail has been angled more steeply or radically, which effectively also reduces trigger reach circumference. The addition of the 1911 rear grip strap makes the grip considerably smaller and improves ergonomics for both small and large handed shooters (as well as providing the much sought after 1911 grip angle for target acquisition).
Lets not forget the fact that Glock had to come out with the GAP round so normally proportioned humans can actually grip the large bore autos. Oh yeah, lets not also forget the new and improved G21 SF and G30 SF, I guess the grip angle and circumference was so perfect they felt the need to change it. I must be the only one around who thinks the grip on the Glock large bore handguns is poor. Please.:barf:
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