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For CCW, I pick the 10mm Glock 29:

That's basically TRUE .357 Magnum power (and greater) in an 11-round capacity, compact / sub compact sized pistol; which is reliable, durable and simple to operate and clean. With full-power rounds, the Glock 29 is more controllable than a .357 Magnum revolver snubby, too! Want more ammunition capicity? Simply throw in a 15-round Glock 20 magazine, and you're good to go; just throw on an aftermarket magazine sleeve to cover the mag, and it's now basically an extended grip Glock 29; only difference is, it'll have a slightly smaller barrel than the Glock 20.

Without grip extensions, I've read some people literally ankle-carry their G29's! Heavy? Yeah, but at least it's possible for when it's truly needed / wanted, right?

Throw some DoubleTap 10mm rounds in there, and it might not get any better than that!
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