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I thought id get a little shooting in today before the move starts,,,so I just took a old beater ss commander to the range and putt some of the left over reloads I had through it.......I need to replace that trigger, just isnt crisp enuf. All in all did ok for an ole blind man,.......I had the opportunity to shoot a keltec with the clip attached, the pistol has a lot of stacking on the trigger stroke and this particular one had a pin backing out of the trigger which would cause the trigger not to reset, accuracy wasnt all that hot, but it wasnt bad either, and the pistol was controllable in 9mm, if I was convinced of its reliability it might make a real good carry pistola......fubsy.

...someone musta thought it was christmas and left me an early present of bout 200 44spl cases, and some 357 cases and a bunch of 45acp.........a good way to end the day...fubsy.

I had to edit my original post made a mistake, I shot a keltec and called it a kimber in the original post.....must have kimber on the

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