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Somewhere around here I have the book, "Alaska Bear Trails". Great book, I read some to a nephew on a camping trip years ago and he didn't get one minute's sleep that night! In the book it talk's about shotgun's on bears and as I recall only the 12ga with slugs were really useable and then only at close range. They shot a Grizzly head at 20' with the 20ga and a slug and the shug was deflected away but the head. At the same distance a 12ga slug merely cracked the skull. If I was out hunting, I would not give up my rifle for a shotgun but if I was along fishing with other people I think a 12ga would be the thing to have. When I went fishing in Alaska with friend's I took along my 308 with 200gr bullet's. When I went fishing alone, I took my fishing rod!
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