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Comparative wet pack penetration tests.

For what its worth:

Each "pellet" in the Dixie Tri-Ball factory loaded round measure .60 caliber at 315 grains of hard cast lead each. While testing these at a Linebaugh seminar, from a distance of 20 feet, Tri-Ball buckshot penetrated from 26 to 29 inches into the wetpack. In similar tests 00B only penetrated some 5 to 7 inches into wetpack.

That same day I fired a Dixie Terminator 730 grain 12 gauge 3 inch heat treated hard cast slug into wet pack and was rewarded with 29 inches of straight line penetration.

For comparison, a Federal .416 Rigby round with a 400 grain Partition, penetrated 30 inches into the wet pack with a considerably smaller displacement of the test medium.

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