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Originally Posted by bamaranger View Post
BAck when there was a big oil spill in AK, there were details assembled to serve as bearguards for those doing clean up and wildlife work. I desperately wanted to go, but did not get selected. One of the Supv. (rank indeed has its priviledges) in our unit did. Upon arrival, they were issued Brenneke slugs for their 870's. I'd choose a Foster over anytype of buckshot, but the Brenneke are known for better penetration. Seems like I've seen Alaska Trooper episodes where they were carrying Brennekes as well.
I would also choose Dixie's Tri Ball Buckshot round over most slug rounds! I can't help but think that 960 grains of hard cast lead in the form of three 22 gauge, (.60"), pellets fired from a 12 bore at some 1100+ fps would do massive damage to any grizzly or polar bear at defensive ranges.

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