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Grizzly defense with a Shotgun

Many folks have asked, should you try to stop a charging ticked off 800 lb Grizzly with s shotgun? The answer is use what you have!! I have several hunting buddies that Montana in the middle of Grizzly country who have killed big bears that were charging off of narrow trails. John stopped one with his Remington 870 using 3" Brenneke Black Magic Mag Slugs. The first shot hit him in the right shoulder which almost took his leg off. The bear spun around and continued his charge at another hunter in the party. John quickly fired the second shot striking the bear in the upper back shattering his spine which dropped the Bear in his tracks. John swears by the Brenneke 1 3/8 oz hard cast slug, and will continue to depend on his 870 for anything within a 50 yd. Charge.
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