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I have owned four (4) Express 12ga 870s, and all had intermittant issues extracting Winchester bulk pack field ammo, a few had issues extracting any form of Federal bulk pack field ammo, and none had issues with any brand of premium ammo or the Remington bulk pack ammo. Folk that handload or run STS/AA shotshells thru their Expresses will likely never see an issue.

I can tell you without fear of contradiction, because I have the gauge to measure it, that Winchester and Federal bulk pack/promo 12ga shotshell bases are oversized from the factory. THEY ARE OUT OF SPEC. Everyone should also note that the bulk pack and cheap field ammo are also steel-base hulls and not brass base (no matter the color of the base - the brass looking ones are simply brass plated steel). The steel bases tend to need oversized chambers whereas the (proper?) brass base hulls do not.

Could Remington make their chamber a wee bit bigger, like Mossy, to make it run the cheap crap ammo more reliably? Sure. Do I know why Remington doesn't simply address this during manufacturing? I don't have any idea, dood.. But I would wager a guess that they would state that they provide in-spec chambers...

You know what was going through my mind when all this happened?


It is not a joke and we are not Remington's quality control team. You don't get to knowingly put out garbage and then get a chance to "make it right".

It is criminal negligence.
No - what would constitute negligence is buying a defensive arm and then not shooting it enough to understand what it does/does not do. Buying a sporting arm and then claiming that 'someone could die' doesn't make a lot of sense, unless you think that the doves are gonna swarm you and peck you to death.

If you don't want to fix it yourself, just send it back to Remington and tell them to fix it.
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