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I am getting a headache from all the people who have no clue, but seem to think that youtube is one hundred percent believable. and that all gun makers are out to rip off the buyers.

For crying out loud, did you pull the barrel and drop a shell in the chamber, did it slide out or hang up. If it hangs up, its the chamber, if it slides right out its the extractor or the bolt.

Trouble shooting used to be something Dad's taught their son's, Now, I am not that sure.

keep breaking down the problem or issue until you find something where it works one way or it doesn't, then figure out what is causing that.

Did you take the gun down and clean and oil all the parts before you went to the range. Did you put it back together again correctly?

The internals of the 870 are pretty darned elegant. there is not a lot of extra stuff in there.
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