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One More Vote

I built a .257 Ackley on a Mexican Mauser.My 30-06,7mag,30-338 rest in the rack a lot,especially for pronghorn and deer.
It is easy to shoot well with mild recoil,meat damage is not horrendous,and heart/lung shots just die.I use a 115 Ballistic tip.BC is around .435 vel is 3090.
I use a 6x42 Leupold and sight in dead on at 300.The upper hanging heavy crosshair tip is dead on at 100 yds and the lower heavy crosshair tip is right at about 420 at my 4800 ft altitude.Accuracy is MOA with a fwt barrel
The 25-06 duplicates this without forming Ackley brass.
As you have a 7mag,no need toward the heavier calibers.
Ballistic charts are a great tool,but better isn't always more.There are sweet spots.If you are staying in the 300 yd range,a regular .257 Roberts +P is a real sweet deer/antelope rifle.You are heading in a good direction.Enjoy
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