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AZ, I'd probably go with the .25-06. But even better would be a caliber like the .270 Win, especially for the deer. The added weight of a 130 or 140 grain .270 will help with the deer, especially if you hit bone. Out to 300 yards, most any caliber is pretty good, and the .270 is well known for flat-shootin'.

Edited to add: for prongs and deer, I'd stick with the .270 over a magnum caliber. The mag will be heavier, more expensive to load, louder, and will recoil harder. If you examine this ballistic table for the .270 Win. and the 7mm Rem Mag, both do very well out to 300 yards; the .270 only drops 1.6 inches more than the 7mm Mag.

How about this idea: a .257 Weatherby Mag?!? I've hunted with a buddy who used one. Now that would be a cool long-range prong/deer rifle. My buddy took a deer with it, and it is tough on deer!

Totally conflicting statements. Hope that helps.
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