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Starting loads: 110-grain bullet, 50.0 grains of 3031. (I use around 7% more.)

150-grain bullet, 50.0 grains of 4064. (I use around 5% more.)

I have used these loads since 1950, with different brands of primers and Lord knows how many different lot#s of powder.

Caveat: Winchester's Fail Safe bullets are allegedly of a harder jacket material, and max loads should be reduced below one's "normal" max. (Dunno, really; I got a 1" by 12" 3-shot group with the danged things and quit 'em.)

If you go to a model airplane type of hobby shop, they have fairly hard "wire" in 30" or 36" lengths. Buy one piece which is the same OD as your de-caping pin...A lifetime supply for a dollar or less.

You're from BATFE? Come right in! I use all your fine products!
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