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I think that just about everybody that reads here will agree that you cannot have enough loading referrences on your loading bench. Just going with one load book limits your options, and could also get you into a potentially dangerous situation.

For instance, let's say that you only had a loading book from the 70's or (god forbid) the 60's? There have been enough changes in the formula's for different powders that a certain charge of powder from today's lot's - using data that was formulated from lots that are 30 -40 years old, could result in either a dangerously high or low pressure load.

Chances are you'll be safe, but who wants to take that chance? I say, you cannot get enough information. Get as many books as Momma will let you, and then get a idea what they all have to say about a certain powder, pushing a certain bullet, at a certain velocity. If they all agree, then you are good to go. But if there's some disparity, then it's better to err on the side of caution. Start at the beginning and increase a few grains (or tenths of grains) until you get good results.

This isn't anything different then what the load books will tell you, but sometimes its good to hear this from another source. Better to start slowly and increase gradually then to have the bolt get stuck from a hot load, or to lose a hand or some fingers or an eye or something worse from a shattered action.

Take it easy and get some more loading books! And good luck! Unkel Gilbey

PS: I like either IMR4895 or IMR4064 with 180 grain bullets in my Ruger M77. Good Elk medicine.
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