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First off, the data that comes with the Lee loaders does not contain good data. It's not necessarily bad, but they have always catered to very light loads. All the loads you mentioned are well below the minimums in the Speer manual for example. I wouldn't be concerned about it, you won't have a KB with most light loads in rifle cartridges. However, if you don't have one, I highly recommend purchasing a reloading manual (or two). Speer, Hornady, Lyman and Nosler are all good ones to look at and besides they are interesting reading.

As for a 150 gr. bullet and 4895, 45.0 gr. is a good starting point and 49.5 gr. is the max.

Actually you should let your wife test those loads if she isn't into rifle shooting. She might think the recoil isn't as bad as everyone says after all.
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