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Ok,my Lee Classic arrived yesterday and i am very eager to start making bullets for my Savage 110 30-06.The kit included a little "cheat sheet" with reccomended powders for different grain bullets.I would like to start with 150 grain JSP bullets.The sheet says use 45.6 grains of IMR4064 to get around 2532 FPS,or 51.5 grains of H414 to get around 2699 FPS.It was suggested a week or so ago on this board that i should get IMR4895.They have that listed as a suggested load for 110 grain jacketed bullets(46.7g)but not for the 150g bullets....How many grains of the 4895 would i use for the 150g jacketed load???And please...if its going to be "too hot",let me know as i am using my WIFE as a guinea pig to fire the first few that we make!!!!!Hahahahahahahah...(kiddin)Thanks for any advice!!!!!
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