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Just as a side note: nanuk, I agree with you that a WC of any type probably isn't the best thing for self defense. I was just saying a WC can be loaded backwards and shot accurately without fragmenting.

Personally I use hand loaded 240gr XTPs in my 45 colt for PD. My wife loads Corbon +p in her G26 normally but has recently switched to 115gr hornady FTX critical defense.

I hate to say this...but if someone cant handle shooting anything but uber powder puff loads (unless for training, learning or a medical disability to prevent injury) they probably shouldn't be carrying a gun for SD.

(EDIT) just to add about the remarks concerning the FBI shoot out...bigger doesn't always work either...A good friend of my wife's lost his father who was serving a warrant. He was shot several times in the chest with a .45 pistol of some kind (don't know if it was a 45 colt or Auto) He also returned fire hitting the shooter a couple times with 165gr 40S&W Federal Hydra-Shoks. He lived for about a month and passed away....the shooter is still alive and incarcerated

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