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Great replys.

In my posts I was trying to figure out how to explain that you can have a suitable SD "Hardcast" wadcutter. I thought I did. (You know what happens when I start thinking) But if a percentage of my readers miss it, well then maybe I should expect better of my comments next time.

When using industry standard language and the term 'wadcutter' shows up alone doesn't that indicate this load/componet is for recreactional shooting? For some maybe not. Maybe the terms, 'Hardcast', 'Swedged', and 'Semi-wadcutter', need their own definitions or understanding before any talk about bullet purpose.

My information on the Dade County Shoot came from a West Coast Medical Examiner whom was probably still in Medical School in 1986. Since I wasn't there, the only details that I know of come from FBI television. I have never heard a FBI Agent comment on the details.
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