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Clearly, you have no idea how effective a meplat can be, and even more so with a maximum meplat. If wadcutters are not "designed" for penetration, how come thet penetrate so well? The Buffalo Bore hard cast wadcutter out of a J frame will go through two feet of ballistic gelatin at around 850 fps. Yes I know it is not a living bad guy, but it is used to establish baseline effectiveness of bullets in living tissue. Memo to FBI, please stop using ballistic gelatin for establishing minumum/maximum levels of ammunition performance. If you take the time to read the article I linked above, "Wicked Wadcutters," you will see that a wadcutter, even at pedestrian speed, will penetrate real good. I know, you probably don't like article links as well as links to videos of bullets hitting blocks of ballistic gelatin. Tell me what bullet/ammunition you think is better/best for the OP and we can check it out.
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