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Hornady "match" 308 brass hard to work with

Howdy all,

I recently bought some Hornady Custom 308 winchester ammo and shot it. Upon reloading the brass, the federal 210 primers (the same ones Hornady uses to my knowledge) took both hands to jam in the primer pocket, and most that seated were mashed in all sideways. I finally had to de-prime and ream out the inner edge of the primer pocket to seat them. What's up with that? I though "match" brass was supposed to be good? Also, after chamfer/deburring like I always do, the bullets took a considerable extra amount of effort to seat. This caused some inconsistencies in my seating depth, which also causes me to question the advantage of "match" brass- other than the fact there is small fluctuations in weight and length. Any insight into what's going on here would be great. Thanks in advance.
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