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I think a 12 or 20 gauge would be the way to go if you want a shotgun for home defense. There are a lot of reliable yet inexpensive shotguns out there.
A 223 softpoint from an AR or Mini 14 has made the shotgun obsolete. The only advantage is price and with today's AR prices you can get a good one cheaper than a Mini. Both AR's and Mini's have closed the price gap considerably. Buy a couple hundred rounds of buckshot vs 223 rounds and the price is even closer.

There is no reason to take 25-30 ft lbs of recoil,( 300 win mag levels) from a shotgun when 223 has around 4-5 ft lbs of recoil and has proven to be just as reliable at stopping threats. The carbines are lighter shorter and hold 6X the ammo.
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