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It depends on what ammo you use. A buckshot load from a .410 will penetrate wall board just like a buck load from a 12 gauge but there will be fewer pellets. Any load you use that meets the FBI's standards for penetration is going to penetrate wall board. I would pick a firearm that you can operate proficiently, load it with ammo that does well on the FBI's testing standards, train with it and be aware of your fields of fire.

I'd much rather have a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun than a .410. A .410 would work but I'd rather go with your idea of a Mini 14. A strategically placed bookshelf loaded with books will reduce or stop penetration through walls but it's best to not miss. If you have hunted rabbits all your life and are better with a shotgun, use a shotgun. If you are better with a rifle, use a rifle. Get some training and practice with the one you decide to use.
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