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Damn Dr Heckel...- looks like ya can shoot marbles at 50....

Goddd... I grinned at my best groups, if I'd gotten those I'd feel like sniper man. Good shot!

Now out of all the modifications done, which one actually made the most improvements with tightening up the groupings???

Trigger/ hammer - Barrel swap, etc
Thanks! I'd have to say the biggest improvement would be the new barrel...however unless you've got a good trigger as well, even with a great barrel you will pull shots. My trigger is a KIDD single stage set at 1.5lbs. It has zero pretravel or creep. Good stuff

When it comes to upgrading pretty much any part on your 10/22, the parts I always recommend are KIDD. They make the best stuff out there. Combine all their parts together and you will have a ridiculously good lookin', smooth accurate rifle...just bring yer wallet

Now add the best of the best ammo to their gear and...
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