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In regard to the reloads. Personally I would shoot 1. See how the recoil is compared to the factory ammo you have. check to see if the primer is flattened out. If the recoil seems normal, and the primers look normal, I, personally, would shoot them if it were just a box or so.

When I do reloads I ALWAYS label them, Bullet brand and weight, powder brand and weight, primer brand. brass brand, OAL... I rarely give out my reloads though.

You could possibly reload them. you will have to change powders as the powder in them will be unknown. Your brother could pull the bullets, resize the casings (with the decapping pin removed) and put a known powder of a known amount in and put the bullets back in.

If you can, hanging out with your brother and learning about loading, or having him help you through a small batch say 50rnds start to finish would be a good learning experience for you if nothing else.
I don't believe in "range fodder" that is why I reload.
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