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the Contenders make 44's point mute as they shoot rifle calibers... albeit they are not revolvers or semi autos, but they are handguns... however now there are, for example, BFR revolvers in 444 Marlin, 30-30 & 45 -70, as well as semi auto 223 pistols, along with several others...

I have several that work in both rifles & handguns, but if you are loading for accuracy, most of my cartridges are specific to the gun they are shot in ( I list them in the load recipe I put on each box )... examples... I have a 30 carbine rifle, a blackhawk revolver, an Automag 3 & a Contender barrel that all fire 30 carbine rounds, 5-6 other cartridges from 5.7 X 28 to 45-70 that are the same ( I have 6-8 diferent configurations to fire 45-70 in )
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