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Yeah I know slower powders are key, as I said I am using RL22 in my 270 WSM, the 150gr SGKs do a number on deer at 3,000fps last deer I hit was only 30 yards away and it knocked a 5 inch hole out the far side. Some people talk trash about the SGKs since they are old hat cup and core design but I have has good luck with them in both 270 and 7mm though they were excessively messy in my 30-06. Not exactly the same performance as the partition but no deer I ever met could tell the difference, SGKs gradually fragment going through game at high speed while the Partition expands violently but arrests preventing total fragmentation, both designs work very well but I tend to get better accuracy out of the SGKs 1/3 MOA out of the 270 WSM and 3/4MOA out of the 7mm-08.
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