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I don't get some of the numbers quoted for a 270W in this thread?!
I got my numbers from shooting over a chronograph. Keeping in mind, my 270 wears a 24" barrel. My most accurate load at 300 yards launches a 150 grain Nosler Partition with an average muzzle velocity hovering right on the 3,000 fps mark + or - very little. I know that a hand-loaded 264 Winchester or 7mm Remington can match or exceed what my 270 will do, but not by much, and if they were using the same length barrels, the difference would be smaller yet. If we were all shooting factory ammo only, there might be more of a difference, but I wouldn't know since it is quite rare for me to shoot factory ammo in a centerfire. As previously mentioned I have had 140 grain bullets at velocities that were admittedly too high to be good.
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