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I have a .223 CZ 527 Varmint with the Kevlar stock (mine is HS Precision , but they switched to Bell and Carlson since I bought mine).
A CZ 527 isn't a heavy rifle to begin with so I doubt that you would notice the Varmint barrel which is tapered so it isn't a fat heavy barrel but not a thin barrel either. The Kevlar stock seems to be virtually indistructable and is a great hunting rifle.

When I bought it, the CZ dealer asked me if I intended to shoot with a bipod. I said yes and he recommended the Kevlar stock over the laminate (both the same price).
He said both were stiff enough but the Kevlar stock seemed to shoot better over a bipod. He had both in his personal collection and showed me pictures of multiple targets for the two rifles and he was right. Both were tack drivers but the kevlar stock seemed to perform slightly better over a bipod with the same ammo for some reason.
The Kevlar stock was also lighter than the laminate. Both stocks are stiffer and less prone to warping than the pure wood stock version.

My kevlar stock 527 is a real shooter. It averages under 0.33 at 100 yards with its favorite 5 hand loads.

I liked the Kevlar stock so much that I bought a CZ 550 in .30-06 with a Kevlar stock.
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