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OK, relax! lol!!

Think about what you really want ......... looks or utility?

My experience is that a utility stock looks better scratched up than a beautiful wood one does. But a nice wood stock in nice shape is incomparable!

So it comes down to what you want!

The rifle and the cartridge:

I don't own a CZ in .204 but a friend does. I do have a Savage I built into a .204 and I do own a CZ 527 American in .223.

My CZ has a wood stock and a light sporter barrel. The stock even for CZ's was drop dead gorgeous! As a farmers gun, it's scratched up a far amount.

The weapons are great ....... the caliber is GREAT!!! ......... so you will have a great ride once you make up your mind what you want out this purchase!!

A heavier barrel than my light sporter on my 527 would be a definite asset for "fine" shooting ........ When I am packin' I love the lightness. When I go to shoot, I wish it's gain some pounds for the moment .......

But alas, you can't have everything .......... but it's nice to dream!!

Between the two of us, my friend and I, we have found the bench mark for performance in the .204 is the factory Hornady load with the 32 gr. V-max. Our experience has been very good accuracy with it and not as good with the 40 gr. load. I have handloaded the .204 as well and that same bullet, the 32, runs even tighter groups than the factory but not by much but less speed. I qualify that in that I don't have CFE powder (the factory load uses this if I am not mistaken) though.

Good luck with your choice and best regards

Three 44s
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