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BTW... a good portion of the cartridges that the numerical name is much different than the actual bullet measurement comes from the days of outside lubed bullets ( like a 22 LR ) those were heel seated... when they went away from that style of bullet, they left the case size alone, & made the bullet the size of the heel ( which was of course safe to fire in the older guns originally chambered for the cartridge, since the bullet was smaller... but the accuracy often suffered, which can give a cartridge a bad name... but that another story ) ... then of course there are cartridges like 38-40, actually being 40 caliber, suposedly because they didn't want to call it 40-40 ??? there are numerous rifle cartridges whose creator wanted to use a different number than the bullets actually measure...

... even for those of us, that may have cartridge & or gun collections, seems like there is always some corn fusion between actual caliber, & the cartridge names
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