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Oooohhh... That looks pretty. Hang on to that, I'll try and see if I can make it down to Provo canyon weekend after next.

Airsoft? Never tried it. Do they really hit like a paintball, I thought they were just little yellow b.b.s. I've been hit by some paintballs that really hurt. (Got hit once in the forehead directly over my mask/under my hat from about 10 feet away. Left a silver dollar size bleeding welt for about a week)

That reminds me of a real nasty one. My wife was playing with us, and she was shot from behind in the base of the neck just under her ear. It was the nastiest paint wound I've ever seen, cracked the skin open, blood gushing out. When I saw my wife after that I asked how far away the person who shot her had been, thinking that it had to be like contact distance. Nope, forty feet! We checked the gun that she had been shot with, and sure enough it chronoed at over 450+ f.p.s.!!! The moral of the story, don't screw around with a regulator if you don't know how it works!

Funny, my wife hasn't paintballed since...
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