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Uberti Cattleman Hombre

I bought one of the cheap Hombres that Tanners Sports Center is blowing out the door over on Gun Broker.

I bought it in the "manly" .45 Colt caliber.

It arrived on Tuesday. I tore it down and cleaned out all the packing oil.

First impressions:
  • I like the matte black finish, but not the matte brass so much. I'll probably polish the brass.
  • The fit and finsh is very nice except the grips are a little proud of the frame. Nothing some sanding can't fix.
  • The trigger feels pretty nice. I should measure the pull.
  • The wood for the grips is very plain. I may try and make a new set.
  • The timing seems good and it locks up well.

I need to slug the bore and measure the chambers to see what they are like.

Now I need to buy brass, boolits and dies so I can afford to shoot it. .45 Colt goes for about $40 a box around here.

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