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More thoughts I'm just throwing out into cyberspace: it appears that Winnie decided to make the legend "backward compatible" to accommodate conventional 9mm bullets, for which I've read posts of criticism directed at them. I'm not so sure that's a bad idea rather than expecting the market to genuflect to some new bullet spec that's so close to the 355 that they probably are not going to do it IMO. I've dabbled in the 9 x 25 Dillon for quite some time and have driven 9mm bullets up to nearly 3000 fps out of a Glock--the 9mm bullet can potentially be delivered with very good velocity and energy, as well as accuracy out to 100 yds and beyond but obviously the shooter needs to know when that bullet goes over the cliff performance-wise since it will bleed velocity and energy very quickly after a certain point. That said, most 9mm bullets are not designed to stabilize and stay together at those velocities.
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