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I definitely value everyone's experience and opinions--that's why I solicit it when dipping my toes in something new to me. My previous straight wall case experience in AR's has been dealing with pistol cartridge carbines, and I certainly learned a lot from those--like P Flados says I get best results when I can seat a bullet with enough neck/case tension so that I don't need to crimp or minimally crimp if at all possible yet maintain headspace. However, the legend runs close to the same pressures as the 223 rem and is a DI lock-lug system, so it's potentially "sportier" as to the consequences when something goes sideways. Despite all the criticism blow-backs get, they do dump and dissipate their lower pressures almost immediately in the upper receiver once the carrier starts back.

The biggest question I have in my mind now--where's the load data?
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