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I have been using cast in my guns. I actually do not have a 350 L, I have a 357AR (350 L with slightly shorter brass, 0.358 bore and uses 0.223 brass) and bunch of 357 Max.
That's the problem. You know what you have.
The .350 Legend guys generally don't. At best, they're leaning on SAAMI specs. (As is evident in the discussion link I posted.)

.350 Legend is loaded by Winchester with .355 bullets, which most people assume to be groove diameter.
But it isn't the case. People that have slugged their barrels have found .354-.359" groove diameters.

To make matters worse for cast bullet shooters, even properly made barrels, that actually meet SAAMI spec, have throats that taper from up to 0.359" to as small as 0.353". (Because the cartridge is supposed to take .357" bullets in the throat, but is spec'd for a .355" groove diameter, with +/-0.002" tolerance.)
So, even in most "proper" barrels, there will be blow-by with a .357" bullet, until it fully seals in the throat/leade. ...And the guys that size to .356" or .355" will just make things worse.
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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