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Ok now you touched on a nugget that Winchester has really fouled up.

Yes it headspaces on the mouth.

Yes the brass must be the correct length.

Yes any crimp needs to be minimal.

Winchester has shipped a lot of target ammo with both under length and over length brass.

Under length brass can result in a FTF.

Over length brass causes the case to jam into the throat and hold onto the bullet instead of releasing it. Lots of flattened primers, split cases, etc.

With Winchester ammo, some are measuring case length on each new round. Any over length case is set aside, disassembled, trimmed and reassembled.

For my 357AR, I set my seating die for flare removal without really trying to crimp at all.

Early on you should probably make up some dummy rounds using once fired brass. If the bullets are easy to seat in the cases, they may be less secure than needed. If so, cycle the heck out of the dummies while checking the round for any change in OAL. Do this for each brand of brass you use and the smallest bullet diameter you will be using.

If you need to crimp, keep it to the least amount needed.
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