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Am I the only one who is not enamored but the new PCC rage?

Let me start with definitions. PCC (pistol caliber carbine) as i am using it here refers to semiauto rifle-styled guns. Most of the guns in this category will be braced or unbraced pistols, or SBRs chambered in a pistol caliber, or AR’s with either a pistol or rifle length barrel chambered in a pistol caliber. I don’t include lever guns of any kind in this category.

So, with that out of the way, let me acknowledge that PCCs are all the rage. Seems like all the gun reviews on you tube are touting these, lots of manufacturers are getting into the game (Ruger, CZ, HK, and many others). So they have to be selling like hot cakes.

But i don’t get it. They don’t have a lot of practical value. I’ve tried them, and frankly if I’m going to be shouldering a gun that size, i see no point in a pistol caliber. I’d prefer my 300 blackout braced pistol every time.
I guess for competition it allows shooters to shoot steel without damaging targets, but other than that i don’t see the point.

If they are not shouldered (and most are sold without pistol braces) then they are very unwieldy. If they are shouldered, why not just have the extra effectiveness of a rifle caliber?

I realize that guns like this are featured on lots of popular video games. Is that the reason for the demand? Because from a real world practicality standpoint, i don’t see their purpose or appeal. Thoughts?

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