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Originally Posted by hounddawg View Post
There are a lot of factors involving technique that come into play that could account for every thing that you have posted. People tend to want to blame their equipment when the groups disappoint because in their mind their technique is better than Tony Boyer on a good day. Something as simple as cheek weld, shoulder pressure, grip or even moving a foot forward a few inches between shots will cause a change in point of impact
Tony Boyer isn't two-hand holding his 2-ounce triggered 10- or 13-pound rifle against his shoulder to aim it. He positioned it on bags so it recoils exactly the same for every shot, freely without interference from human holding variables.

I don't think people believe their techniques are better than Boyer's. Most don't know exactly what Boyer's techniques are as well as the differences in rifle and ammo types. "Most" equals smallest fraction over half or greater.

Everyone won't shoot the same stuff equally precise.

A free recoiling, 3 point supported machine rest that let's rifles recoil most naturally is best for rifle accuracy testing, I don't think any are commercially available that let's rifles recoil like they do when fired hand held off ones shoulder.

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