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There is no comparison to the Remington 700 chambers/throats and Savage or Tikka . Both Savage and Tikka on the whole will have much shorter throats then a Remington 700 .

So yes in general you will be much more likely to reach the lands on a Savage or Tikka and still be able to feed from a mag . That said it ultimately has more to do with the bullet your using and it's weight and profile .

Unclenick has a good illustration on bullet profiles and how they effect COAL and how far off the lands they would be . Maybe if he comes along he can post it up to help see my point

In my Savage 308 I just started using a 200gr Berger hybrid that has such a long and pointy nose . It not only does not fit in my mag , I can't eject the full cartridge from my rifle because it's to long to fit through my ejection port . It stays stuck on the bolt face with the tip of the bullet pressed up against the side of the receiver in front of the ejection port . It's a real pain to get out . So if I chamber those rounds it's best I shoot them and not try to take them out .

How ever I reach the lands with 175grSMK and still feed in my mag .

My buddy has a Tikka in 223 I loaded some 52gr smk in and I had no problem reaching the lands and still feeding from the mag . It's a 1-12 twist so I never tried to load the longer bullets .
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