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Originally Posted by jdscholer View Post
A guy who can keep his shots on a pie plate at a hundred yards with his 243, will kill elks deader than a guy with a 338 who can't. jd
Here's more detail to my hunt story - when I first rounded the bush and spotted the herd, my adrenaline took off. I sat down slowly and took aim off my knee, but my heart was beating so HARD that I could not keep the crosshairs on the cow! So I sat back, and watched the herd for a minute while I talked myself down, "Chris, calm down. Why are you nervous? You see elk all the time, why is this any different?" Etc. Then got back on the gun and placed the shot. I will also add that I am a regular target shooter, and my very first sight-in outing with this rifle I shot the best group of my life, using Federal 100gr power-shok ammunition. My Tikka loves this blue box stuff, like 1/4 MOA loves this ammo. I couldn't be happier, because it's $17/box, it's hunting ammunition and this is my hunting rifle.
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