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Feels pretty nice.

It is .357 so the recoil should not be so bad.

I have a Vaquero in .45LC and like a dummy I loaded the cases with about 40 gr. Shot about 200 rounds from that and an Uberti Catttleman and when I was done, my hand was beat to heck.

I swapped out the checkered ebonite grips on that revolver for some similated pearl that I got in a Geroco. Couple the smoother grips with a lighter load and it shoots a little more civilized.

This .357 should be very manageable.

I remember almost a coupla years ago now, Mykeal said he likes .36 cap and ball revolvers better than .44. (Hope I have that right.) .36 might be a little less emotional but it is better behaved.

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